Why you should consider hiring a professional window cleaner


September 15, 2019

Are your windows dirty, foggy, and getting hard to see out of? It’s time to get them cleaned!

Since you’re researching this topic, it probably means you’re considering hiring a professional to clean your windows. You’re on the right track. There are many reasons why hiring a professional is the right choice. Here are the main reasons.

It’s safer to choose a professional

If you have anything more than a one-story building, it starts to get challenging to clean the windows. At the minimum, you need a ladder and should use safety equipment to reduce the risk of falling. Falling from a two-story window is extremely dangerous. Most owners simply don’t have the equipment necessary for safe cleaning of the windows nor do they have the correct tools. It sounds extreme, but it’s really not. People fall from ladders all the time and it can lead to serious injury.

But, professional window cleaners not only have the equipment, but they are also trained in the proper procedures and are insured to do the job. Don’t risk broken bones when you can just delegate the work to someone else.

It’s easier to choose a professional

Let’s face it, cleaning windows is not an easy task, especially if you have special windows. Leaded windows, french windows, double-hung windows, and storm windows all have their own needs and most are difficult to clean. And if you have shutters or blinds, that adds a whole other element of work to the job. If you’re trying to do it all by yourself, it’s probably going to take a full day. You’ll be going up and down ladders, spraying, wiping, squeegeeing, cleaning blinds, window sills, shutters, and more. It’s a lot of work.

They will be extremely thorough

Speaking of work, there is a lot of detail work that needs to happen when cleaning windows. A professional can and will get into all the nooks and crannies. Not only will the glass be cleaned, but the frame too. And, because they are experienced and use professional cleaners, you’ll get a streak-free result that will protect the window and enhance its lifespan.

It’ll protect your windows and enhance curb appeal

Dirt, grime, and debris will eventually begin to damage the glass. Pests and animals can cause harm to the window frame. If left unclean and unkempt, it can eventually mean you have to repair the whole window, a costly expense. Regular cleaning keeps these problems at bay.

Not only will you maintain the building longer, but it will also look nicer from the curb. Let’s be honest, most of us are critical of a business that looks dirty from the outside. It’s a sign that they can’t keep up with things or don’t care about their business. Don’t let customers assume that about you.

If your windows are starting to look dirty, consider a professional to quickly, safely, and thoroughly clean them. It makes your business look its best.

Ready to get those windows sparkling? At IDW, we provide window cleaning services for projects of all scopes and sizes. Check out our services here.