Environmentally Responsible Roof & Exterior Cleaning

IDW Window and Roof Cleaning specializes in commercial and residential exterior cleaning. Our Soft Washing process uses a gentle spray of cleaners to kill mold, algae, mildew and more on wood, vinyl, brick, stucco and concrete. Our process cleans and kills these infestations on roofs, siding, gutter fronts, decks and patios, driveways and sidewalks, landscape rocks and fences. Our professional window cleaners can add the finishing touches to your home. One call to IDW cleans it all, making your property look good as new.

As a local business, we take pride in the work we do. 

IDW has been cleaning exteriors in Ohio and Indiana for more than 30 years. Clients include universities, hospitals, businesses and corporate facilities, hotels, banks, government buildings, stadiums, and residential homes. IDW is fully insured, and our employees are professionally trained and safety certified. 

IDW employees are professionally trained, vetted through a third party security company called Ask the Seal, and are hard-working, dedicated and honest.


  • All of our cleaners break down into carbon and water within 20 days of their introduction into the environment, yet clean your exterior thoroughly.


  • Our cleaners are non-hazardous, require no special handling or storage, and are naturally occurring which means they are safe for your home.

Water Conservation

  • When compared to pressure washing, our Soft Washing process conserves water, reducing the amount of water getting washed down the drain.

Soft Washing

  • Your roof isn’t just dirty, it’s compromised by bacteria and algae. Soft Washing cleans and kills with a pest-control like application.

What our happy customers are saying!

Absolutely outstanding customer service!! The work done was excellent but the way they treated us: their courtesy, their promptness, their consideration, communication and their integrity was off-the-charts! Work with them. You’ll be totally delighted!!”

– Donna K.

“Over the past few years our roof became darker looking with black streaks from end to end. IDW cleaned our house from top to bottom and it looked fabulous when they were finished.  They had the roof looking like brand new, gutters and down spouts were so clean, siding looked like brand new and the windows were spotless!”

– Jean S.

“IDW’s technicians were very professional and did a wonderful job! Our house and windows looked visibly cleaner when they were finished. They listened to my concerns about what I wanted done in terms of the cleaning of the siding and windows. I will definitely be using their services again in the future and highly recommend using IDW!”

– Dana B.

What Is That Stain On My Roof?

That’s not dirt on your roof, it’s algae!

Our gentle environmentally friendly cleaning solution is designed to kill the algae and other bacterial contaminants. We do not pressure wash your roof, but instead, spray it with a gentle application of cleaners specially designed to last four to six times longer than traditional power washing.

Exterior Cleaning

Yes, We Do Windows!

Sparkling Clean Windows Every Time

Life is busy. We know most people don’t have time for window cleaning. That’s why we’re here. Regardless of the size of your house, IDW can professionally clean your windows inside and out, including cleaning screens and scraping bugs or paint from the glass.

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