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Professional Window Cleaner

This position comes with a $500 Sign on Bonus! You will get $250 gas card at the end of your first 60 days and a $250 Cash Bonus at the end of your first 90 day probation period.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $31,200.00 – $35,360.00 in your first year

Pay: $15.00 – $17.00 per hour

Job Description

WORK OUTSIDE AND IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE! Do you want to breathe fresh air? Are you looking for a company culture of mutual respect and comradery, and where you are appreciated for your hard work with more than just a paycheck? IDW Window & Roof Cleaning is EXPANDING FAST and looking for vision minded, hard working people to join our team and learn a professional trade. We are an equal opportunity employer.


Locally owned and in business for 29 years, IDW is a professional window cleaning and soft washing company based out of Lima, Ohio. Soft Washing is an alternative to pressure washing. It uses a gentle spray of eco-friendly cleaners to kill algae and other growths on roofs, siding, decks/patios and concrete. IDW is a Five Star company with Soft Wash Systems International (there are only 10 Five Star companies in the USA). Employees are professionally trained in professional window cleaning and soft washing and we pay for all training and certifications. IDW clients include universities, hospitals, corporate centers, financial centers, multi-family housing, hotels and residential homes in Ohio and Indiana.

If you are an experienced window cleaner applying with IDW, you may start out higher than the advertised rates depending on your skill level.


IDW’s purpose is to serve our customers through improving their homes and properties and make them loyal, lifelong customers. You will learn from an experienced professional the trades of window cleaning and/or soft washing. Soft Washing is an alternative to pressure washing. It uses a gentle spray of eco-friendly cleaners to kill algae and other growths on roofs, siding, decks/patios and concrete. There is video and on the job training plus safety training. You start as a beginning technician making $15 hour. Your goal will be to master hard and soft skills to become a skilled technician where you can make $16-$17 an hour! If you have window cleaning experience or man-lift experience you can earn even more money! There are opportunities for advancement! You determine how quickly that happens by your work ethic, attitude and the mastery of skills you are taught. There are other opportunities to make more money–it depends on you!


  • Do you like to get bonuses, gift cards and extra perks? We do that here. Are you wanting a position that offers health insurance, paid vacations, personal/sick days and 6 paid holidays per year? Do you want to invest in a company IRA plan that is also matched? IDW does all of that.
  • Do you want to work first shift? That’s us 7:00-5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, some of which is overtime. Do we work weekends? Not very often. Do we work evenings? It is extremely rare.
  • Do you like to be appreciated for your efforts, talent and attitude? Do you want the opportunity to make more money and advance in your position? That happens here at IDW.


  • We only hire hard working people who really want to work and be rewarded for their successful efforts. You can be elevated to higher positions and pay grade if you have a vision and a drive to do so.
  • You will be required to learn safety procedures and follow them without fail.
  • You must be able to get on ladders without fear. Everyday.
  • We hire people who are team players. A positive attitude goes a long way toward working with our exceptional team. Team members treat each other with respect.
  • We have a strict non-smoking and non-tobacco use policy at work because it is not acceptable on our clients’ premises or in our company trucks.
  • You must be able to lift 60 pounds (ladders).
  • You must have a valid drivers license with a good driving record. You will drive our company vehicles.
  • Pre-employment drug screening and criminal background checks will be conducted.