Exterior washing removes unsightly streaks and black or green stains from your roof, siding, concrete, decks and more

Exterior Washing IDW before and after sidingThose marks aren’t just dirt. If you have stains on your roof, siding, deck, walkways, or fences, you’re actually looking at an infestation. Black and green stains are caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, mold, fungus, moss and lichen. These aren’t only ugly, they significantly decrease the lifespan of your exterior. If left to grow, bacteria, mold, and fungi decomposes materials, leaving them weakened and at risk of leaking or becoming compromised.

We can save your exterior. Through our exterior washing service, we use a special technique called Soft Washing to not only remove, but to exterminate anything that’s growing on your building or home. Soft Washing cleans the exterior of any construction with a pest control like application, lasting four to six times longer than traditional power washing.

As part of our exterior cleaning, we can also clean fences, gutter fronts, landscape rocks and pavers, sidewalks and driveways.

Soft Washing is a safe, environmentally-friendly way to clean exterior surfaces

Soft Washing uses a gentle spray to apply environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to your home, office, nursing home, or apartment building’s exterior. With Soft Washing all bacterial contaminants will be killed. It’s the best way to restore the curb appeal of your building or home while maximizing property value.

All Soft Wash cleaners are biodegradable and break down into carbon and water within 20 days of their introduction to the environment. Soft Wash cleaners are also non-hazardous and water-based – they contain no solvents or phosphates. Compared to pressure washing, Soft Washing conserves water, reducing the amount of water getting washed down the drain.

Clean your exterior to improve curb appeal and resale value

Clean your exterior to improve curb appeal and resale value

Over time, algae on your roof and exterior deteriorates your roof shingles. This is not only ugly, but leads to a reduction in a home’s value. The stains caused by airborne algae and mildew won’t go away on their own. Instead, the longer they are left the more they will darken and spread. Eventually, stains prevent a roof from drying properly, compromising your home and reducing its resale value.

Don’t let a mold and mildew infestation hurt your home. Regularly incorporating our Soft Washing and exterior cleaning services into your maintenance makes sure your home or building remains beautiful and valuable for years to come.