That’s not dirt on your roof - it’s algae! For streaky, dirty looking roofs, we offer roof cleaning

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If your roof is beginning to get streaky green and black marks, your home or building is being compromised by algae. It’s called Gloeocapsa Magma.

This algae feeds on limestone, a major part of the composition of your roof. It travels from house to house by spores that are carried by the wind. Over time, the mildew and algae slowly work to deteriorate the integrity of your shingles, taking years from the life of your roof and giving your home an old, dirty ugly appearance. If you do not clean it, the stains will darken and spread. Not only does it compromise your shingles, it reduces the value of your home. Don’t watch this algae take over your home. Our roof cleaning services are essential to ensuring your roof has a long life and your home retains its value.

We will clean your roof through a Soft Wash process, applying gentle, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to kill the algae and other bacterial contaminants. Instead of using a pressure washer, which can destroy the shingles on roofs, we are able to gently clean the roof, making it look brand new again.

Cleaning your roof is thousands of dollars less expensive than replacing your roof prematurely. We will give you a cleaning quote taking the size of roof, difficulty, and how much area needs to be cleaned, into consideration. Compare cleaning costs to the expense of a new roof and cleaning it just makes sense.

Have a clean, healthier looking house once again. Our roof cleaning service is a completely safe and inexpensive way to restore the curb appeal of your home while maximizing your property value.

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