Why soft washing is great for your business

Soft Washing

December 21, 2018

Appearances matter. If the outside of your business location is dirty and grimy, chances are you’re not making a good first impression.

It doesn’t take long for mother nature to start to take over a building. Dirt and pollen start to build up in cracks and crevices and mold, mildew, and algae start to grow on surfaces. This leads to dirty spots, black streaks, and green specks all over sidewalks, pavers, siding, and roofs.

All in all, it’s not a nice picture. Customers and clients are bound to be turned off by anything that looks to be in such disrepair.

That’s why it’s important to have a maintenance plan in place for your commercial building. Regular cleaning and caretaking will make sure your office or store is clean and presentable.

Soft washing is one of the best answers to keeping a building clean. It’s a method of using a gentle spray of biodegradable cleaners formulated to kill growths such as algae or mildew and other bacterial contaminants (including dirt). The cleaners will not only destroy the growths, but they will also brighten the building and give it a fresh makeover!

Here are three reasons why soft washing is a great investment for your commercial building.

Rock the first impression

A clean building is one that gives a great first impression. Soft washing is the best way to keep your building looking clean and professional.

Soft washing uses a gentle spray of proprietary cleaning agents (not over the counter cleaners) that are applied to algae affected areas. Soft washing kills the infestations (even growths such as lichen that have roots). The results last up to six times longer than traditional power washing. Your structure will have a dramatic difference in its appearance!

The cleaners used to remove stains and dirt contain naturally occurring bleaching and sanitation agents, derived from simple sodium. These safely and effectively free the building from bacterial and fungal infections.

Once the mold and mildew are killed, your building is returned to its former glory.

Longevity in the office

Lichen and moss can do extreme damage to the roof and building. They grow by spreading roots into shingles and through siding cracks. Eventually, that degrades and breaks apart your building.

Moss and lichen also make a great home for pests– not something you want to encourage to make nests in your building. These pests include rodents and roaches.

Combining the damage done by the growth of plant matter with nests and destruction from pests, you’re looking at some expensive repairs. Comparatively, by getting regular maintenance that destroys mold, mildew, and lichen, you can keep pests away and save your roof. This gives you better longevity for your building.

Increase employee pride

Nothing like a shiny, beautiful building to make your employees proud to work where they do. A clean exterior not only makes everyone feel better, but it’s also a healthy decision that will get rid of the contaminants such as mold and mildew that can negatively affect respiratory health.

By keeping up with the maintenance of the building, your employees can be proud to work for your company and will be happy to refer you to their friends and families.

Regular maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. On average, soft washing on roofs lasts four to six years. This will depend on environmental conditions and the number of trees in close proximity to the building because algae will come back quicker in a wooded area. But overall soft washing on exterior surfaces lasts four to six times longer than pressure washing.

Interested in learning more about soft washing for commercial buildings? Get more info here.