Are you ready to bring life back to your property?

At IDW, our community’s safety is our top priority! Our exterior sanitizing services can help reduce the risk of the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses at your home or business.


One Call Cleans It All with IDW. We pride ourselves on exceeding your best expectations!

We like to turn back time on your property, to show you what’s been hiding under all that dirt, algae and fungus. Let IDW sanitize and restore value to your property , so you can maintain your great reputation in your community.

Auglaize County Courthouse Commercial Cleaning

​IDW Window & Roof Cleaning is a premier Five Star Company with SoftWash Systems, the world’s largest soft washing and sanitation network with 220 companies in nine countries.

SoftWash Systems companies exclusively use their specially designed equipment, chemicals and training to perform their soft washing and sanitation services that not only protect against fungus and viruses but will renew the curb appeal of your property!

Why Soft Washing works:

Once we receive a call or email from you accepting our quote, we start the sanitation process by using our biodegradable, water-based, patented cleaning solutions coupled with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) to sanitize and emulsify dirt and grime completely! We are able to clean and sanitize outdoor surfaces that matter to you.

Our unique SoftWash Systems process utilizes the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended sanitizing process to rid your property of germs, bacteria and viruses. Our gentle spray of environmentally friendly cleaners also kills mildew, algae and fungus and cleans dirt, cobwebs and grime.

Soft Washing lasts 4-6x longer than traditional pressure washing. Watch this video to see how.

Together we can protect your property and reputation!

We are honored to earn the premier certification for sanitizing surfaces to help during this viral outbreak. We help give your community peace of mind that you will do everything in your power to be responsible and protect your most vulnerable. We can help renew pride in your property.

Our Equipment Blends Together:

  1. 1. A CDC recommended product, sodium hypochlorite

  2. 2. Our SoftWash Systems surfactants

  3. 3. Water

This creates our own sanitation solution that we will treat your property with. Our proprietary Green Wash is an antimicrobial soap and surfactant which increases penetration into surfaces. Rain Fresh leaves a pleasant smell and Final Wash is the finishing product that adds a wax to the surface so it looks bright and clean.


Each of our soft washing trucks is capable of treating up to 50,000 square feet in a single day. Our primary focus is outdoor surfaces such as building exteriors, residential areas, college and school campuses, football and soccer stadiums, amusement parks and entertainment pavilions, multi-family dwellings such as apartments and condos, entryways, concrete, patios, congregating areas, benches, playgrounds, pools/decks, splash pads and more. We can provide one-time cleanings, seasonal cleanings, and maintenance programs.


If you’re ready to gain peace of mind that your premises have met the sanitation requirements using CDC and WHO guidelines then let’s start a conversation!

Give peace of mind to your community and team members that you are providing a sanitized environment for them to enjoy.

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