What to Look for Before Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner


June 15, 2019

Hiring a professional to clean your home or commercial windows is easy, right?

Many home and business owners believe searching for the nearest cleaner, checking their reviews, and making sure they are within budget will provide enough information to hire. Sometimes this research method may be successful. In other cases, you may be left with poorly cleaned windows and a hefty bill to pay. So as a home or business owner, what can you do to ensure you hire a high-quality professional window cleaner like IDW?

Before you hire a professional window cleaner, you’ll want to ask the following questions:

Does the Window Cleaner Background Check their Employees?

Quality window cleaning companies will run background checks through a third party security company to ensure the safety and security of employees in the organization. Many companies say they background check their employees, but may only do it every ten years. At IDW, we understand a lot can happen on an employee’s record in ten years. We background check employees yearly through Ask the Seal, and for your awareness, all our employees wear picture badges that identify when their last background check was.

Does the Window Cleaner Follow Safety Protocol?

Before they take a step on the ladder, do they have the proper safety protocol in place? As a window cleaner, they are required to be OSHA compliant and follow the guidelines. At IDW, safety is our number one priority, and all employees regularly participate in safety training seminars and meetings. Our lift operators are certified, and our technicians are well trained in fall protection, operator training, emergency training, workplace inspection, hazard communication, and more.

If an accident should take place, you could be facing a hefty lawsuit if the company doesn’t have their liability policies in place. Make sure the company is insured, carries liability insurance for any accidents or damages to your home or business, and has workmen’s compensation to cover for any injuries or losses incurred by the employees.

What Type of Window Cleaning Experience and Services do they Provide?

By checking their website, you can determine if a window cleaner is experienced with using professional techniques or if they are still using the paper towel and squirt bottle method. Many professional window cleaners will also provide services complementary to standard window cleaning. If you are having your windows cleaned, you may want to consider your indoor and outdoor light fixtures, mirrors, skylights, storm windows, screens, and sun porches as well. These are all areas a home or business owner may not think about, and some window cleaning professionals may not provide. Since some of these items are time-consuming to clean, you also want to ask if there are any extra costs involved. If the company you are considering doesn’t offer the experience and services you need, you should keep looking.

Does the Window Cleaner Care About Quality Customer Service?

What’s more frustrating than when you call to schedule a service, and no one answers, you are put on hold, or the employee can not help with your request? At IDW, we understand the importance of talking to an experienced professional on the other end of the line. Our staff is trained to help with your needs, and if they don’t have the answer right away, they know who to contact to take care of you in a timely manner.

Looking for a professional that specializes in residential or commercial window cleaning? With over 25 years of experience, we have cleaned hospitals, universities, financial centers, hotels and thousands of residential homes. Learn more about all of window cleaning services here.