What are the differences between power washing and soft washing?

Soft Washing

September 14, 2017

One of the biggest differences is the pressure of the power wash versus the soft wash. A soft wash system is easier on the surface of your home to prevent damage.

Which Kind of Washing is best?

A soft wash is considered more effective long term since there is no excess pressure to blast away at the surface of your home.  

Soft wash systems apply a solution to kill bacteria and prevent the growth of black and green mold as well as other organisms that find your house an attractive place to live. Soft wash uses solutions to kill the spores and make it a less desirable residence for them.

Why consider a professional?

  • A job well done

Just as a professional auto detailer knows the spots to hit and the best tools to use, a professional washer will give you the results you are looking for.

  • Inexpensive

A professional service may initially cost a bit more than a DIY endeavor but you will save money in the long run. A service already owns the cleaning solutions, pumps, extension poles, ladders and the proper commercial equipment and nozzles to meet your home’s specific needs.

  • Preventative maintenance

As with any profession, those who do it on a daily basis have a lot of experience and know what warning signs require a bit more preventative maintenance to head off bigger issues before they start.

An annual cleaning and evaluation is a great way to start your outdoor entertainment season. Contact us today for an evaluation of your particular needs and how we can help you continue to enjoy a beautiful, safe and well cared for home.